Bill Psarras

Territorial Poetics (III: Vanity)  (2020)

Territorial Poetics (III: Vanity) is part of the Territorial Poetics series of works. Vanity (οίηση) is a site-specific performance/action for camera, where the artist pushes and piles pebbles and stones while he gradually paints them gold. Bill Psarras carries out a durational action under the rubric ‘all our weaknesses turned into arrogant poetries’; he performs a futile action in front of the sea vastness by turning stones into gold; a silent question between poetic and political; between sincerity and arrogance; between eternal and transient. The video performance initiates from vanitas themes on the transience of earthly things focusing on a reconsideration of Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (Thus passes worldly glory)

Objects in Odysseys (2020-2021)

Objects in Odysseys constitutes a performance for camera but also a durational work of art in the intersections of the poetic and the technological; a work created by both the artist and the sea. Having Odyssey and histories of messages in the bottle across seas and eras; an anecdote poetic sentence is fragmented and integrated into small sculptural objects accompanied with fabric with text and GPS sensor. The objects are left to travel on the sea surface; taking the form of drifting materialities towards unexpected trajectories. A common thread brings together the poetic word, geolocation, objects and fluid mobility. Linguistic objects float, driven by changing currents and chance upon a sea surface which is ascribed with agency and potential. The artist creates a poetic condition for the future made of objects, gestures, intentions and words; revealing a universal link between life, sea, womb and destination.